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Specialist Photography for Disability and Special Educational Needs

Bringing Professional Photography to Everyone

Few people understand the stress and anxiety of trying to get a professional photograph of a person with special educational needs or a disability. This is specialist photography aimed at special people.

The idea of getting your child to 'perform' and not 'melt' in front of a camera is reason enough to reach for the Prozac or at least a teeny tiny glass of wine.

I am a Mum of a SEN child as well as a Photographer - I have all the time in the world to get your shoot right. I work with your family to create a perfect experience with low stress. If your special needs child needs a reshoot, there is no extra charge. In fact, you can come back up to three times without additional charge until your child or adult is comfortable enough with me to get the shot we want. I aim to put the special in to specialist photography, I want you and your child to leave the shoot feeling special and looking forward to seeing the end results.

My Studio is a relaxed space (with music of your choice if desired, or headphones if not). If you need time out whilst your child or friend has a fabulous time watching me prance around, I'll let you pet the on-site horse, chickens and goats. But only if you're good.

And it's not just SEN and kids with disabilities that need a relaxed shoot. We all get a better photograph when we're relaxed and happy. EVERYONE is welcome at the studio. EVERYONE is welcome to come on location with me to your favourite park, common or green. It's all about the experience and that's not just down to me. You can tell me your likes, dislikes, quirks and dreams. I will do everything in my power to make them come true. You will then  be pleased that you chose to engage with a specialist.

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Pricing can be difficult when you are keen to provide a service that is open to all. 

The base package is £150. This includes 10 high resolution images, and up to 3 return visits upon mutual agreement if the child/family member is not relaxed enough to enjoy the shoot.

Extra images are available to purchase for £10 each. If you choose to invest a total of £200, then all images from the shoot will be released to you.

Because I specialise in working with families who may struggle financially, I have a 'Pay It Forward' package, adding £10 or £20 to the cost of your shoot. This empowers you to support others who will benefit from a fantastic photo experience. I firmly believe that we can take specialist photography and make it accessible to many more people.

If the fee seems out of reach, please still contact me. Payment by instalments may be an option.

I am happy to arrange a home visit prior to the studio appointment, enabling your loved one to be comfortable and familiar with me. An adult must be present at all times both during home visits and the studio experience.